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SHIFT 2018: Annual Conference of Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Greenwich Maritime Campus, Queen Anne Court
Educational Development Unit, University of Greenwich, Queen Anne Court 265, Greenwich Maritime Campus, Park Row, London, SE10 9LS, UK

5 January, 2018

Friday 5th January 2018

Greenwich Maritime Campus, Queen Anne Court

Our annual conference of learning, teaching and assessment is now into its 11th year.  As ever, the title of our conference series -SHIFT- reflects the changing HE landscape and, in particular, the impact of the TEF, the impending subject level ratings and the introduction of an Office for Students. This regulatory framework and competitive market environment will inevitably pitch universities against each other, sharpening the focus of what we do inside and outside our classrooms and laboratories (physical and virtual). Irrespective of these drivers and the controversies surrounding the reliability and fairness of the metrics used, SHIFT promotes and celebrates good teaching and the annual conference is an excellent opportunity to disseminate your work.

As in previous conferences, SHIFT 2018 will allow us to reflect on our own development needs and career aspirations as we start the new spring term. The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) promotes a scholarly approach to teaching and learning and the Greenwich Research into Pedagogy (GRIP) strand of the university’s Research Strategy encourages us to research our practice. Preparing or attending a presentation for this conference goes a long way to evidencing those aspects of academic life; sharing is good for the soul AND the career (and can contribute to a GOLD application and career pathway.)

Led by the EDU and supported by the university's Teaching Fellow Network, the conference this year intends to address some or all of the key themes through its keynote presentations and parallel sessions.

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